failing cd player

by C. Reider

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This piece is a hybrid improvisation / documentary recording of a malfunctioning CD player during the very final fourteen minutes of its malfunctioning. Once this recording was completed, it ceased operating on any level, whatsoever.

The recording features a four channel live-mix comprised of the 2 audio outs from the CD player, a contact mic taped just above where the CD spins on the player, and an induction coil held in my hand.

During this recording, I discovered that there was some effect on the spasming of the CD player caused by the position of my hands near the machine; once I discovered this, my hand motions were more dynamic and eccentric, and the output seemed more "expressive", or perhaps at least "interactive".

C. Reider, June 2013


released October 1, 2013


C. Reider - cd player, contact mic & induction coil




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